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"It was such an honor & a pleasure to work with L.E. Productions Corporation on this song. They are very professional, clear, collaborative, respectful, and truly make you feel like you’re a **valued** part of the process. Working with them felt artistically freeing, supportive, & inspiring. If you love music/creating music, they are 5 star pros - Pure creative, music magic! "


Nadia Danielle


"Well, having the luxury of listening to many of your prior works. You are very good at fusing sounds and instruments. You have this funky, jazzy, lets have fun style that gives you a unique sound, that's "dance-able". Your scores have this uncanny ability to speak. As for the lyrics, It seems as if the words are being given the responsibility to set the mood. In the end though, the primary thing that you have working for you that many are failing to have, is the ability generate unique works that separates them from others. You definitely have a sound that can create an entirely new genre of music."


Derrick G.

Phenomenal experience working work L.E. productions! Fantastic song and and infectiously good attitude. Can't wait to do it again. Cannot recommend enough! 


✪ Pro Singer-Topliner-Producer


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London, UK

Music Amplifier Repair

And... as always Thank you!!

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