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Venous Flow

CEO Thomas Shipman


Meet Thomas Shipman Our Co-Business Partner

Master Aquatics Instructor


Water Senior Instructor- SP4802

Aquatic Running Instructor- WAR1550

Aquatic Running Instructor- SCS537

Aquatic Post Rehabilitation for Athletic populations

Aquatic Personal Training Specialist- PT2666

Aquatic Shallow and Deep Water Instructor- F7520

Deep Water Instructor- DWT517

Aquatic Arthritis Instructor- AR2931

Certified Yoga Instructor

Medical Billing and Coding Specialist

Aquatics Sports conditioning Specialists


Currently under development

SCRUM *coming soon*

Medical exercise specialist *coming soon*

International Sports Sciences Association *coming soon*

Personal Fitness Trainer *coming soon*

Corrective excessive Specialist *coming soon*

Certified Exercise Therapy Specialist *coming soon*

Sports Conditioning Specialist *coming soon*


Please take note:

All water/ aquatic certifications started in 2004

Teaching for Water Art Fitness since 10/2004


Business Phone number

210 781 0229 - San Antonio Texas

                    Business Email Address         


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